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Nonprofit Marketing


Colorado "I Have a Dream"® Foundation: Marketing

As an AmeriCorps*VISTA at Colorado "I Have a Dream"® Foundation, I served under both the Volunteer Coordinator and the Development Director. Through my work with CIHAD, I conceptualized, developed and facilitated marketing activities and collateral. I revamped and maintained the website, created marketing  materials for funders, Dreamers and volunteers, and educated communities and groups about CIHAD through public relations efforts like networking, collaboration and recruitment activities.

Because my role as an AmeriCorps*VISTA with Colorado "I Have a Dream"® Foundation incorporated so many different goals and opportunities, I've listed some of the marketing work I've done with CIHAD, including examples of some of the materials I produced. 


Marketing Highlights

Public Relations


  • submitted press releases and photos to organizations including Colorado Nonprofit Association, the Denver Department of Strategic Partnerships, and National
    “I Have a Dream”® Foundation, as well as the media


  • redesigned and launched new CIHAD website, maintaining content for accuracy and currency
  • uploaded numerous files and forms into downloadable format to increase accessibility for staff, Board members, donors, volunteers, and Dreamers
  • incorporated new ideas to utilize website more effectively meeting needs of potential and current donors and volunteers, Dreamers and their families, and other researchers/educators that consult the CIHAD website, including the creation of the DreamerBook
  • helped create and launch a Spanish supplemental version of website

Marketing Plan

  • worked with staff to develop ideas to streamline CIHAD’s look and brand, discussed community relations and inclusiveness ideas
  • researched new/innovative marketing ideas and various marketing plans and strategies
  • participated in numerous trainings to explore marketing techniques and ideas

Writing & Editing

  • conceptualized, wrote and edited content for semi-annual newsletter, website, and marketing materials


  • Designed numerous materials including recruitment media for donors, staff and volunteers, various program materials






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