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meridian herman

marketing + communications professional

Advisor + Apartment Guide, OPRHC

Detailed Professional Accomplishments

Served as a community ambassador, providing in-depth information about housing and local resources to convince clients to move to the area and engage with the community; contributed innovative marketing and fundraising strategies to help nonprofit organization grow; crafted messages and strategies to reach various target audiences. Key tasks & accomplishments include:

  • conceptualized and created inaugural issue of The Oak Parker magazine and accompanying marketing materials, including a basic strategic plan, media kit, website, content, and social media (grossed $30,000 in advertisement sales; 5,000 distributed)
  • blogged monthly for TheOakParker.com
  • redesigned, launched and maintained rental websitetwice (50,000 hits per year)
  • developed, managed, and delegated social media strategy and implementation 
  • coordinated largest annual benefit event in five years, with 200 guests in attendance; rebranded event to attract new donors
  • solicited and obtained feedback from clients, advertisers, supporters and board members for ROI measurement and insights; synthesized testimonials and core messages into effective marketing materials
  • designed and coordinated printing of brochures for different audiences within budget and deadlines
  • created best practice guidelines and training manuals to ensure consistent implementation of services and messaging
  • provided superior customer service to 2500+ clients; most-requested representative
  • escorted clients to approximately 2300 units, leading to 220 affirmative moves through guide endeavors
  • provided editorial insight and proof-reading/typo prevention